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Construction Surveys

Construction Survey Services

Building surveys

Building surveys, also known as a full structural survey involves a detailed analysis of the current condition of your existing property. The building survey we perform reviews the inaccessible places and will make sure there are no structural integrity issues with your build. Atomic Build are also able to offer building surveys prior to construction.

Drone surveys

Drone surveys provide an aerial view of your property safely and efficiently. We have skilled UAV operators who are able to capture aerial shots of your construction projects or land. Getting a drone inspection will give you a holistic view of your project and provide clarity and confidence for your construction project.

Ecological surveys

An ecological survey is needed for sensitive construction projects which may impact natural habitats or local species. We provide ecological assessments, pre-clearance surveys and BREEAM surveys.

Tree surveys

Trees can prove to be problematic down the track for construction projects. Our tree surveyors are able to assess the risk of the local flora and if necessary we can have our experienced tree surgeon come in and remove whole trees or branches as deemed necessary.

Topographical surveys

Topographical surveys or contour survey looks at the landscape before a built. These are needed before a new build. Having an accurate assessment of the natural declines and inclines of your property provide guidance for the build.