Kitchen Extension
Kitchen Extension
Kitchen Extension


Are you looking for the state-of-the-art kitchen extension to bring your home to the 21st Century? Or are you simply looking to improve the structure and quality of your existing kitchen by either skimming the walls/ceilings for decoration or change the plumbing/position of the extractor fans? Atomic Build Ltd can take care of all the specific details for you.

A larger kitchen space improves the aesthetics of the room, allows you to use the extra space wisely which makes family meals and hosting an effortless process. More importantly, if you’re ideally located in an area you prefer, a cost-effective kitchen extension can save you the hassle of moving elsewhere and raise the market value of your property. Our experienced and committed team in Atomic Build Ltd are specialists in a variety of bespoke kitchen extensions in London, designed to help you expand, evolve and extend into a new territory.


There are many ways and reasons for a kitchen extension, therefore each project is unique, in terms of budget, ideas, design and spatial constraints. We understand that the kitchen is the centre of family life and the heart of your home, therefore we always take time to consider the expectations and the demands of each client, before the construction process. Whether you want to add a storage space, walk-in pantry, open plan dining accessibility, expand your floor area for a kitchen island and a breakfast bar or add new appliances, we will create a detailed development plan, complete with visualisations and structural calculations to satisfy your expectations and transform your dream into a reality!


From the early days of consultation and design through to the kitchen extension itself, our comprehensive approach leaves nothing to chance. Regardless of the scale of your extension, our process is broken down into well-defined stages:

  • Free site meeting – We will establish the scope and budget of your project, including a detailed gap analysis.
  • Pre-construction pack – You will receive forecasts for all building works, construction stages, and timescales.
  • Detailed design development – We will conduct a feasibility study, along with architectural drawings and visualisations.
  • Contract stage – Contract terms will be defined, teams will be assigned, and suppliers will be listed.
  • Building commencement – A health and safety audit will be carried out, along with a quality control system.
  • Completion and deployment – Once your home is complete, we will sign-off and issue you with an insurance backed guarantee.

 We also offer a free, no obligation site visit to one of our existing construction sites, demonstrating our capabilities in managing the process and providing assurance to you that we will deliver with integrity as per your needs. If you’re looking for outstanding home design and integrated building services, please contact our friendly team for a quote today.